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Curriculum Vitae

I am a globally recognized leader and expert (Fulbright Scholar; Governor’s Teaching Fellow, HETL) in education and learning. My passion is transforming education and learning through interdisciplinary and international collaborations. My vision is to create meaningful models of education and learning.

My scholarly contributions are in the areas of educational philosophy, meaningful lifelong and lifewide learning, creativity and happiness in education, professional learning communities, and instructional design. I have co-edited and co-authored seven textbooks on learning-centered teaching using modern technologies and one textbook on meaningful education and learning. I am the editor of two academic journals and a contributing writer for several academic blogs.

My teaching and research interests include educational leadership and management, professional learning communities, creativity and happiness in education, educational philosophy and policy, and the intersections of these topics. I have taught over 170 college and university courses. I was named an Honorary Rotarian for my community service activities. I am a mixed/multi methods researcher specializing in qualitative research (grounded theory, action research, ethnography, phenomenology).

My professional experience includes leadership, capacity building, professional learning communities, and academic innovation. I have managed academic programs at colleges and universities in the US and EU. I founded the world’s largest global online professional learning community (HETL) focused on teaching and learning. I consult with institutions on learner engagement, instructional technologies, institutional and leadership development, international education, curricular design, meaningful learning and inquiry, creativity and happiness, assessment, and program accreditation.