Welcome to my site! You may connect with me on LinkedIn or you may contact me directly at patrickblessinger@gmail.com


I am an educational leader and social scientist. My passion is transforming education through interdisciplinary and international collaborations and research. My vision is to create effective and meaningful models of education that work for all by working at the nexus of theory, policy, and practice. I live in New York City with my wife and two cats.

My scholarly contributions are in the areas of leadership, innovation, learning, student engagement, faculty development, international education, instructional design, and assessment. I enjoy developing new theories, models, and concepts through academic research. I have co-edited and co-authored textbooks on the topics of student engagement, inquiry-based learning, democratizing higher education, and meaningful learning. Forthcoming publications include doctoral education, university partnerships, open education, professional identities, inclusive leadership, creative learning, and learning communities. I am the editor of two journals and two book series on teaching and learning.

My teaching and research interests include educational leadership, academic innovation, learning communities, creative learning, meaningful learning, research methods and their intersections. I have taught over 180 courses in management, leadership, economics, and technology. I am a mixed methods researcher with a special interest in human experience and meaning-making.

My professional experience includes 22 years of practice in leadership, innovation, teaching, and research. I have managed academic programs at colleges and universities in the US and EU. I founded one of the world’s largest and most diverse global online professional learning communities focused on democratizing higher education and transforming teaching and learning around the world.