Some Models Developed. Educators are welcome to adapt them for their classes.

Educational research methodology framework:


Research Philosophy

I am a mixed-methods researcher and I utilize all major quantitative and qualitative methods that are appropriate in answering the research questions under investigation. I tend towards a pragmatic, integrative, and interdisciplinary research philosophy and conceptual framework. Ontologically and epistemologically, my research perspective leans toward realism and my preference is towards answering research questions that lean towards using a critical realist and interpretivist philosophy in order to best understand and explain the phenomena at work and to best explain the complexities and nuances of human experience, motivations, emotions, values, perceptions, attitudes, and behavior. Axiologically, I believe that a deontological position should be used in that all research should be performed ethically and conducted within established standards of human behavior (e.g., legal, organizational, professional, cultural).