Education 4.0 and its Key Role in Sustainable Development

This article first appeared in University World News Education 4.0 and its key role in sustainable development Patrick Blessinger, Ahmad Samarji and Haydeé Ramírez Lozada Since the First Industrial Revolution (circa 1800), humanity has experienced several major waves of political, economic, social, technological, and environmental development. These major waves of development have come to be termed 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0 as a way of classifying the major turning points since the First Industrial Revolution. Many people believe that the world is now experiencing a fourth wave (4.0) of development. Thus, in the fourth wave, Education 4.0 coincides with Globalisation 4.0, Industry 4.0, Society 4.0, Web 4.0, and Environment 4.0. This broad system of classification can serve as a useful mental model to bring clarity to the key factors driving global development. Globalisation 4.0 is characterised by hyper-connectivity and the rapid (or instantaneous) movement of goods, capital, energy, people, and information as a result of [...]

Making sense of pedagogy

Making sense of pedagogyPatrick BlessingerOver the past few decades, many new pedagogical (teaching) strategies have been developed in an attempt to improve teaching and learning. An explosion of books, articles, videos and other publications have been produced on these different pedagogical strategies. The differences (sometimes nuanced differences) between the different strategies can make it difficult to discern what strategy may be best in a given situation/context, making it difficult for people (even educators or researchers) to know which are most appropriate in a given setting. Thus, there has also been an ongoing debate about which approach(es) is/are most effective. A lot of research has been conducted to try to assess and evaluate these various pedagogical methods and strategies in order to determine good and effective instructional design principles. Although challenging, it is important that we continue to do research in all areas that impact education and continue to focus [...]

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