Dr. Patrick Blessinger is an adjunct associate professor of education at St. John’s University, an K-12 educator with the New York State Education Department, and chief research scientist of the International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association (in consultative status with the United Nations). Dr. Blessinger is the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education and the editor and author of many books and articles. He is an educational​ ​policy analyst and contributing writer with UNESCO’s Inclusive Policy Lab, University World News, The Hechinger Report, The Guardian, and Learning Futures, among others. Dr. Blessinger teaches courses in education, leadership, and research methods, and he serves on doctoral dissertation committees and accreditation certification committees for various universities and schools. Dr. Blessinger founded and leads a global network of educators focused on improving teaching and learning around the world. He research focus is in the areas of teaching, learning, leadership, and sustainability. Dr. Blessinger is an adviser to leaders in education on a wide range of issues affecting basic and higher education. Dr. Blessinger has received several educational awards, including Fulbright Senior Scholar to Denmark (Department of State, USA), Governor’s Teaching Fellow (Institute of Higher Education, University of Georgia, USA), and Certified Educator (National Geographic Society, USA).