Fostering sustainable learning ecosystems

Fostering sustainable learning ecosystems Patrick Blessinger and Madasu Bhaskara Rao The value of knowledge has grown exponentially over the past several decades. In fact, in the modern era, the value of knowledge has become so important to human and social development that education is now universally recognized as a human right. These three concepts – education, learning, and knowledge - have become inextricably linked. In today’s world, human knowledge is produced primarily through formal learning (institutionalized education such as schools and universities), nonformal learning (self-directed education such as instructional videos, podcasts, blogs, and websites), and informal/incidental learning (everyday life experiences). Thus, the development of new knowledge happens primarily through one’s prior knowledge and personal experiences. To say that all people have a right to education is to imply that all people have a right to learn and acquire knowledge throughout the entirety of their lives – lifelong and lifewide learning. [...]

Making sense of pedagogy

Making sense of pedagogy Patrick Blessinger Over the past few decades, many new pedagogical (teaching) strategies have been developed in an attempt to improve teaching and learning at all levels. An explosion of books, articles, videos, podcasts, blogs, and other publications have been produced on these different pedagogical philosophies, theories, and strategies. A cottage industry of consultants and companies has arisen to promote, sell, and implement many of these new theories and strategies. Even some well-intentioned educational reformers may latch on to one particular philosophy, theory, or strategy in their zeal for educational transformation. In an age where education at all levels has become extremely important and vital to a healthy democracy and a vibrant economy, it is no surprise that some people may be in search of a "holy grail" or "magic bullet" to cure all of education's challenges and problems. Furthermore, it is no surprise that even [...]

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