The Higher Education Tomorrow (© 2014 - 2015) academic blog is devoted to the systematic research-based analysis of important issues affecting global higher education (including teaching and learning) and its future. Higher education institutions and national systems of higher education no longer operate as stand-alone entities but rather as part of a complex, interconnected global system of higher education that is undergoing rapid change at all levels. Within this contemporary reality and context, this blog showcases original research at the theory, policy, and practice levels that addresses the most important issues in global higher education. This blog uses appropriate research strategies and methods to interpret the latest data on global higher education. This blog aims to disseminate knowledge about the emerging directions in global higher education and the political, social, and economic impacts of that development on institutions and on the higher education profession at large. As reflected in the blog's name, this blog takes a forward-thinking global view and offers recommendations on how global higher education can be transformed to work for all people by improving policy decision-making and by strengthening democratic societies.


This blog takes academic research findings and other data on global higher education, which is usually written in highly complex academic language (i.e., inaccessible esoteric language) and distills that research into plain language and a cogent writing style so that anyone, inside or outside the academy, can easily make meaning of the emerging trends and developments in global higher education. Thus, this blog serves as a credible source of research-based analysis and innovative ideas for policy makers, educational leaders, educational scholars, and anyone interested in the direction of global higher education, including the public at large.  This blog is edited and founded in January 2014 by Dr. Patrick Blessinger at a time of unprecedented growth and transformations in global higher education. This blog is also a venue for educational researchers around the world to showcase the key findings of their research in global higher education and to highlight the human side of higher education.

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