Teaching Philosophy


I use an active learning approach to develop students who not only are well grounded in theory and research methods but can apply their knowledge and skills in a variety of real-world situations and who have the ability to think both analytically and creatively in order to develop sound solutions to complex problems.


I focus on the learning needs of students in order to help them achieve their educational goals and career aspirations. I focus on responsiveness and caring towards students to model appropriate attitudes and behaviors needed to succeed in life and the workplace.


I utilize the latest instructional technology and active learning teaching methods to develop lifelong learners who possess the knowledge and skills to make significant contributions to their discipline (scholarship), their profession (leadership), and their community (citizenship).


I develop effective communication and interpersonal skills in students so students can think critically and creatively and apply theoretical models, analytical frameworks, and interdisciplinary knowledge and skills to real-world situations.


I develop competent and expert graduates who possess a strong work ethic and a high degree of professionalism and emotional maturity.  I integrate professionalism and ethics into courses to develop ethically responsible leaders who can effectively lead others.

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